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Reimagining a university brand for the digital era

Our task was to refine CityU’s brand positioning, develop a creative expression that reflected the youthful and innovative nature of the institution and redesign and redevelop their university website.  

The youngest university in Hong Kong, CityU has unique qualities its peers cannot make claim to. Our goal was to highlight these to all stakeholders.

After in-depth research and client workshops, we reached a consensus on the brand positioning and the creative expression. We also locked down detailed functionality and content requirements for the University site encompassing over 300 sub-sites.

We then completely redesigned and redeveloped the University website, effectively  overhauling its most important digital platform, and elevating their brand across this and all other digital channels in the process. 

The challenges & opportunities


Enhance the University’s brand positioning

Clearly communicate differentiation. Communicate CityU’s achievements and status to a broader pool of audiences through digital channels.


Modernisation of the existing web navigation

Enhance user interface and structure. Enhance viewing experience for mobile and tablet devices. Enhance the user experience and ease of access to all of CityU’s  300+  sub-sites.


Setup a University level web content management platform

Facilitate individual offices and departments to prepare and publish content for CityU online.


Provide branded templates for other university sub-sites

Provide guidelines and digital templates for all 300 university sub-sites to easily use for their own purposes.

Blueprint for the digital brand

A refined brand statement

Professional, Creative, For the World: Education for the professions

CityU is a place for leadership in smart creative solutions to solve today’s most pressing social, technological and engineering challenges. We embrace creativity and innovation across all professions from business to engineering and the arts.

A global destination for professional education in the 21st century because of the premium we place on creativity and innovation.

City University of Hong Kong nurtures and develops student talent and creates applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic advancement. It is positioned as a leading global university, excelling in research and professional education.

Key content and design principles

A bold and vibrant design moodboard was created to reflect the personality and the brand attributes. Informed by the brand positioning, we formulated these key design principles to guide the overall design expression to bring the brand personality to life:

  • Keep content clean and uncluttered
  • Establish layers and depth in the composition
  • Use a confident tone of voice
  • Make content relevant and easy to find
  • Maintain consistency across a complex site

The new website

Immediately at home

The new ‘home page’ is both functional and engaging. It highlights bite-size information to the key audiences while providing contextual information to lead visitors to intuitively explore the relevant content sections.

Brand expression applied consistently across the entire site 

Digital design system and UI toolkit

In the design system, the typography, visual 
style and UI components are well defined and documented.

This allows the brand personality to be reflected with consistent tone and visual style across the website and digital channels. It also means the website development is scalable and sustainable.

Energetic, dynamic, bold design projecting CityU’s distinctive brand identity


We delivered a completely revitalised university website based on a refined positioning and reinvigorated creative expression for the brand.

We turned a highly complex and information heavy website into 
an intuitive engaging platform, optimised for all devices. A content strategy resulted in clear publishing workflows with guidelines to ensure content is always fresh, and on brand.


Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2019

  • Best rebrand of a digital property – Silver
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