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A diversified conglomerate’s complex performance reporting challenge requires a strategic investment branding solution.

With its origins in Singapore and a network that extends across 30 countries, Keppel Corporation is a leading, diversified conglomerate operating in the offshore and marine, infrastructure and property industries.

In a consecutive six-year partnership focused on building Keppel’s investment brand, we have helped take the Group’s performance reporting up a notch via a consultative approach in an era of economic change and corporate recalibration.

Reflecting the complexity of Keppel’s business portfolio, this investment branding challenge involves a suite of performance and sustainability reports— including English and Chinese versions. With the Group’s strategic direction as a starting point, our content and design strategy requires a direction that unifies all of its businesses under a flexible theme.

With the delisting of Keppel Land and the headwinds facing its offshore and marine business, Keppel faced the challenge of signaling an evolving business model to the investment community. Part of our remit was to visualise this business model and to tell Keppel’s value creation story based on harnessing core capabilities.

As part of our consultative collaboration on Keppel’s investment brand, we designed an editorial workshop for over 50 attendees. This encompassed a brief overview of IR, a review of the current approach to reports at Keppel, and a look at examples of best practice in transitioning to IR.

The workshop also gave participants a chance to get involved in interactive exercises designed to develop editorial content for key sections of the reports. Separately, we showcased a range of different approaches to how to visualise information and data to enhance the investment brand narrative.

Following the publication of the Group’s performance, Sedgwick Richardson independently commissioned an editorial evaluation of the six main reports to help support the Group’s on-going journey towards <IR>.

An integrated approach: Digital & print

How do we adopt a consistent approach to investment branding across all of Keppel Corporation’s investor touchpoints? And how do we apply this to both print and digital, while creating an online experience that brings the investment brand story to life?

We had a unique opportunity: to create a dynamic, digital experience that breathed life into Keppel’s investment brand story, and that energised the investment brand narrative.

A digital platform that engages the user

Our design for the microsite took a user-centric perspective. It engaged Keppel’s audience with scroll-based animation of key figures and bar charts, and interactive infographics that showed Keppel Corporation’s ability to build sustainable communities and to create value through its business strategy.

Our digital solution to Keppel’s investment branding needs is fully responsive across all devices — from smartphones to tablets and desktops. It leads the way in engaging stakeholders in the investment community, positioning Keppel as a progressive player connecting with the evolving needs of investors and enhancing the communication of its performance.


Singapore Design Awards 2016

  • Platinum

Singapore Corporate Awards 2015

  • Best Annual Report (Bronze) $1 billion market capitalisation & above

Singapore Corporate Awards 2013

  • Best Annual Report (Silver)
  • $1 billion market capitalisation & above | REITS and Business Trusts (Gold)
  • Best Annual Report $300m – $1 billion (Gold)
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