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A bold beginning for Hong Kong’s largest ever start-up

Peak Re, a bold new reinsurer, saw an opportunity to capture the growing demand for modernised reinsurance solutions in the Asia Pacific. Backed by its key investor, Fosun, the new reinsurer seized its chance, bringing Sedgwick Richardson in to launch the new brand and to emphasise the benefits of working with ‘the new kids on the block’.

So what does it take to create a successful, new reinsurance brand?

First, it takes a visionary management team that is prepared to act on bold promises. Secondly, it requires the insight to identify a unique market opportunity and a brand positioning that communicates it clearly.

Peak Re wanted to avoid stereotypical reinsurance brand positioning, which tends to focus on attributes such as “professionalism”, “quality”, “speed” and “technology”.

This start-up wanted to be anything but generic, and therein lay the challenge… and the opportunity.

The challenges & opportunities


Disrupting industry conventions

How do you distinguish your brand from the rest of the reinsurance industry?  What will you do that is different and creates more value for customers than your competition?


Explaining value clearly in a complex market

Once you know how you are going to compete, how do you communicate this, in clear and simple terms, both to your internal audiences (your staff and investors), and your external audiences (your partners and customers)?


Designing for creative impact

How can you present your brand positioning visually through compelling creative and design that supports your messaging?

Unlocking the power of reinsurance

A series of brand platform workshops with senior management led to setting distinctive competitive attributes, a defined mission and vision, and the creation of a modern Peak Re identity.

We translated the brand spirit of Peak Re “Insight, Commitment, and Courage to Deliver”, creating an energetic tone of voice, and a suite of brand activation applications which saw the successful launch of Peak Re in January 2013.

Designing a brand logo

That stands out from the crowd.

2019 strategic recommendations

Following five years of strong growth and extending its international reach, Peak Re commissioned Sedgwick Richardson to undertake a brand review.

Our key recommendations prepared the ground for continued success:

  1. Brand Purpose: Peak Re was established in 2012 with the aim to support the needs of communities and emerging middle-class society through meeting reinsurance needs covering life, health and non-life risks in Asia and around the globe.
  2. Peak Re Brand Positioning: Peak Re is a Hong Kong-based, emerging market reinsurance specialist with a global portfolio.
  3. Owning the emerging market re-insurance territory:  These markets are complex, opaque and hard to operate in successfully. They are also high growth. Insights into these markets are all that much more valuable, as a result.
  4. Focus your brand on Insights, Culture, and Agility as key brand pillars. Explain this source of strategic differentiation internally first, then tell the world.

Developing a dynamic brand personality

We developed a modern and dynamic verbal and visual language applied to touch-points in environments, print and digital channels. All supported by comprehensive brand guidelines.

Internal brand launch for all staff

The first communication task was to explain the brand to all staff, so that they understood the strategy and how to explain it to others outside the company. This was delivered through a simple micro-site and internal posters explaining the brand that were launched during a companywide ‘town hall’ meeting.

Explaining the brand to Investors

We integrated the brand and new designs into investor communications and annual report.

We are proud to continue to work with an international brand founded in Hong Kong that has a strong purpose and commitment to supporting communities around Asia and the globe.

Peak Re has been working with Sedgwick Richardson since our foundation. We love their vibrant creativity, which fits well with our agile culture. The rapport that we have developed is unmatched by any other vendors that we have engaged. Well done, team!

Bonnie Wu
Director, Head of Corporate Communications


Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2019

  • Best use of a visual property – Bronze
  • Best internal communications during brand development project – Bronze
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