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Creating a smarter growth solution for a leading conglomerate

Shwe Taung is a leading Myanmar Conglomerate that operates a diversified portfolio of businesses across six industry sectors. Over the years the company had expanded through an entrepreneurial culture and, as a result, brands had proliferated.

SR was initially tasked to strengthen the corporate brand, through defining Shwe Taung’s position as a leading business in Myanmar. This involved reviewing the overarching brand strategy including: architecture, purpose, messaging and brand expression.

Brand logo

An updated brand logo was developed to enhance the visual impact of the brand within the competitive landscape. The symbolism of Shwe Taung’s heritage within the brand mark remained, with a bolder wordmark and bespoke typeface incorporated.

Brand consolidation

A brand hierarchy and decision tree was created to first unite this diversified group portfolio around five core B2B divisions, while retaining its independent consumer facing brands. 

Brand purpose

At the same time we refined the Brand Purpose to make it more succinct and also revisited the core values of the brand helping to simplify them.

Brand message

Through interviews with Shwe Taung’s leadership, we identified 7 messaging themes, and developed a messaging direction and content structure to help present Shwe Taung’s corporate brand and its business divisions in a polished and succinct manner. 

The brand message of “Smarter Growth” communicated the cluster synergies between the business divisions, showed an integrated business model that is aligned with macro trends, and presented the value creation of each business unit. 

Brand expression

To supplement Shwe Taung’s brand photo library, we provided creative and art direction for a photography shoot, which took place across five locations in Myanmar – Junction City, Pan Pacific Yangon, Scania and Liebherr offices  and Tamwe in Yangon, and Baluchaung Dam in Loikaw. 

The photography style used is polished and engaging, with a focus on the scale of the projects. It tells the story of a balance between urbanisation, development, and international partnerships that have made a big impact on Myanmar’s growth. 

Brand identity system

The brand’s visual language was strengthened through an identity system that integrated internal and external applications such as corporate presentations, employee merchandise, investor materials and media kits.

Brand application

The updated brand identity was applied to key applications such as a corporate folder, a set of 7 corporate profiles and a corporate presentation template, to be used by Shwe Taung in their marketing communications.

Brand guidelines

A brand guidelines documentation was delivered in both English and Burmese, alongside brand training modules.

The Smarter Growth theme was debuted at the one of Shwe Taung’s coveted planning events in Yangon, attended by Aung San Suu Kyi, the state Counsellor of Myanmar.


A comprehensive and strategic brand management solution that enables Shwe Taung Group to manage their diverse portfolio while retaining a cohesive brand identity.

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