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Enriching an aspirational brand with a legacy of timeless style

As Vietnam’s property sector develops and consumers become increasingly sophisticated and discerning, the opportunity for boutique developers is to stand out through the design of their products and also through their brand. We were fortunate to be engaged by the young and dynamic CEO of Trung Thuy Group who tasked us to challenge the norms of real estate branding in Vietnam.

As a premium name in the property portfolio of Trung Thuy Group (now TTG Holding), Lancaster was applied to existing residential and service apartments in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The product portfolio was poised to expand to other locations within these two cities and so a flexible brand architecture and identity system was required: a portfolio branding strategy.

The challenges & opportunities


How should TTG Holdings leverage the Lancaster brand to increase preference?


What is the role of the Lancaster brand across the asset portfolio?


How can we make the Lancaster brand stand out in the marketplace?

We saw this as an opportunity to strengthen Lancaster as a masterbrand, firstly through an aspirational brand purpose, positioning and personality and then by applying creative thinking to the brand expression and the brand experience.

Brand purpose

Improving standards of living and enhancing lives of pleasure, broadening perspectives of design, style & sophistication, elevating generations and inspiring people to do more & live better.

Brand positioning

Lancaster is a created, crafted and curated living space with innovative design, tasteful style and personal services.

Brand personality

Innovative, pioneering & youthful, Lancaster challenges norms as a creator of high-quality spaces, understated style and well-considered design of European heritage.

Brand architecture

It is important that the Lancaster brand is positioned on a premium tier, that its value is not diluted by mass-market products. And so to support this positioning, we created a brand architecture to demonstrate how the Lancaster brand is applied to tier 1 or premium products and illustrated the implications for a brand naming system.

Brand identity

Inspired by the architecture and interior design or the cultural fabric of the immediate vicinity, the Lancaster brand identity system is adapted to the characteristics and distinctive features of each property while maintaining a sense of symmetry.

Brand language

The idea driving the language for the Lancaster brand is ‘bespoke’: made to order; custom-made. What this means is that everyone is an individual and every Lancaster property is unique: the perfect match of individuals with unique properties.

Brand messaging

Lancaster’s aspirational brand messaging reflects the idea of bespoke. It invites people to “be” a better version of themselves in many different ways. Here are some examples of how the messaging works: BE + single-word adjective:rnrn 

Brand tagline

We created a tagline ‘Life Well Lived’ that does not restrict the Lancaster brand to a particular type of property. It has been written so that there is a subtle emphasis on the letter “L” in the words “life” and “lived” which reinforces the Lancaster brand name.

Brand experience / activation

Pushing the boundaries on what typically constitutes property branding, we developed a range of brand activation opportunities from a pop-up sales & marketing experience, to immersive and sensory experiences in the sales gallery including materials palettes as art pieces, a range of fragrances and a curated audio playlist. A range of branded merchandise was also designed to literally put the sophisticated world of Lancaster within the reach of visitors to the sales gallery. For the Lancaster sales and marketing staff, we created stylish uniforms and also developed a simple sales script to help staff introduce the brand story to potential buyers. The Lancaster Pop Up experience is an opportunity to build brand awareness and customer preference, as well as to sell property. An effective pop-up experience offers an engaging ritual, an on-brand activity with a sense of theatre. Why not a shoe-shine service to introduce potential buyers to the Lancaster brand story?

We highly appreciate the great effort from the Sedgwick Richardson team for their dedicated work on building the Lancaster brand. Their solution does not only express perfectly the soul of the Lancaster brand and the vision of the brand owner, it also inspires our people’s pride in the brand.

Nguyen Trung Tin
CEO | TTG Holdings


Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2019

  • Best brand consolidation – Gold
  • Best brand architecture solution – Silver
  • Best brand experience – Silver
  • Best creative strategy – Silver
  • Best visual identity from the property, construction and facilities management sector – silver
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