A Catalyst for Progress

for Ascendas-SingBridge

Creating a shared sense of purpose for a sustainable urbanisation player.

Ascendas-Singbridge is a Temasek-linked company forged from the merger of two major macro real estate developers, Ascendas and Singbridge, each with strong footprints in India and China respectively. With a vision of catalysing economic transformation and enriching lives through sustainable urban development, the challenge facing the newly merged entity was to unify employees around a shared sense of purpose and lay the foundations for a brand-focused culture.

The Challenges & Opportunities


How should the case be made for internal brand alignment?


What will enrich the expression of the brand beyond the logo?


How do you ensure the brand story is told consistently?

One family. One brand.

We worked closely with the Ascendas-Singbridge branding and communications team to firstly strengthen the streamlined brand architecture across the portfolio of REITS and trusts and to leverage the profile of Ascendas-Singbridge as one.

Branding beyond badging buildings

Then through existing research we identified gaps in the customer service experience and the physical environment across the asset portfolio and made the case for a shared brand purpose, one that went beyond logos as badges for buildings. Our case for internal alignment was built on the context of Asia’s urbanisation story and the opportunity to create experiences of place that leveraged Singapore’s knowledge and expertise in urban development.

Bridging the branding gap.

A Brand Belief workshop was designed to engage over forty senior leadership participants, exploring themes of innovation and transformation, and to start to articulate the Ascendas-Singbridge brand purpose. A clear direction for the brand soon emerged, one that was less about bricks & mortar and a developer of physical assets and that instead focused on a collaborative approach to creating enriching experiences for businesses, communities and people.

An empowering purpose

And finally, we put the brand in people’s hands, literally. An employee brand book told the story of Ascendas-Singbridge in terms of enabling businesses to succeed, energising communities to flourish and empowering people to grow. Articulating the brand and its supporting behaviours in layman’s terms along with a unifying call to action, the entire Ascendas-Singbridge family now shares a sense of purpose beyond simply a logo.

“One of the highlights of our brand journey was to ensure the alignment of our people. With this aim in mind, we worked with Sedgwick Richardson to first engage our Senior Management team. Together, we defined our brand purpose and persona, streamlined our brand portfolio and developed an Employee brand book, which resonates well with our internal customers. We are pleased to have collaborated in crafting and building our brand to deliver value for our business and communities”.

Crystal Seah, SVP and Head, Group Communications Ascendas-Singbridge Group
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