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A unique opportunity to rebrand a leading, independent, aircraft engineering and maintenance group. A new strategic vision takes flight to engage customers and unify staff under one name: HAECO.

The Brief

After more than 60 years in operation, HAECO’s portfolio of aircraft engineering and maintenance businesses had grown to nearly 20 international subsidiaries and joint venture companies. But this growth, along with an industry trend that saw competitors offering nose-to-tail solutions, had its own set of problems. HAECO’s size and reach were something global customers couldn’t get their head around: they couldn’t comprehend what it could do, the extent of its international network or that it offered integrated services.

HAECO decided to dig deep, researching the benefits of communicating its network of expertise in the aviation industry and the integrated services it offers. In the past, HAECO’s portfolio of companies had operated as independent businesses, and there was some sibling rivalry within the Group. The leadership team was, however, not interested in silos: instead, they were intent on developing a coordinated and integrated brand offering. With this in mind, they engaged Sedgwick Richardson to undertake a methodical review of the brand equity found in HAECO and its businesses. Our remit was to make recommendations on the Group’s brand architecture, and to future-proof it for potential additions to the portfolio. HAECO’s challenges became our objectives…

The Challenges & Opportunities


One Group, One Purpose

How do we ensure corporate cohesion? And how do we effect a consistent brand vision on a global level, while staying true to the heritage of subsidiary brands?


Navigating A Nose-To-Tail Offering

What are HAECO’s unique competitive brand attributes that will clearly differentiate it from other MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) providers, and how do we brand the Group visually to present a navigable and persuasive customer proposition?


Embedding A “Can-Do”, Customer-Centric Culture

What are the internal engagement challenges posed by a major acquisition in aligning the newly merged workforce behind a set of beliefs and behaviours?

An industry brandscape analysis, peer group benchmarking, stakeholder interviews and brand workshops all revealed a strategic move was necessary—and that a new, monolithic brand architecture was crucial to successfully promoting HAECO’s international network and integrated offering.

The research also confirmed that HAECO was the best market-facing brand, given its 60-plus years of serving premier customers. We then worked hand-in-hand with the HAECO Group to cement a new brand platform; developing the new positioning, vision, mission and roadmap required to rally an entire group of companies to stand up and stand out in an authentic, differentiated way.


A Brand Identity That Articulates The New Positioning With Spirit And Ingenuity

Capturing the spirit of aviation, HAECO’s new tick-mark identity is evocative of wings, aircraft tails, and servicing aircraft large and small. It says, “Yes, at HAECO we do things right.” It highlights the Group’s commitment to operational excellence, technical expertise, and the highest quality and safety standards.

Made up of four key parts, the refreshed identity also speaks to the integration of airframe, cabin, component and engine services, demonstrating HAECO’s comprehensive, nose-to-tail service offering.

An italicised logotype goes on to reinforce the can-do attitude, determination, resourceful spirit and service innovation synonymous with the HAECO name.

Mobilising Greater Performance

Inspiring and engaging employees to deliver better business performance isn’t just about putting posters in hallways or a new logo above a hangar. And it’s more than just passing on knowledge and strategic ideals from above. HAECO understood that in order to unify people behind one purpose and to promote strong performance, you have to change your behaviour—and sometimes even the way you operate.

Taking this approach, we designed and delivered a series of Brand Immersion sessions in three languages. General Managers and HR, Communications and Sales leaders from all subsidiaries and joint ventures attended the sessions, which we designed so that these leaders could replicate them with their teams, thereby increasing employee awareness and participation in the brand. Working together, HAECO and our team activated brand performance by engaging and delivering a platform for employees to generate ideas and initiatives that will be taken on board and implemented on an ongoing basis.

Post immersion sessions, internal communication on what the new brand stood for was further reinforced through a HAECO brand book and the release of an engaging infographic brand video.

Brand identity launch video that projects a friendly and approachable tone, without losing the promise of quality.

The Performance

At the 2015 Aviation Week MRO of the Year Awards, HAECO Group was crowned Leading Independent MRO Organisation.

“The new brand architecture and strategy allows for the promotion of the collective value of the HAECO brand portfolio. In fact, I believe this is one of the greatest benefits of the initiative. In our advertising and other promotions we are now better able to characterise HAECO’s strength as a global leader in providing high quality, ‘nose-to-tail’ aircraft support services.

We’re finding the ability to convey this message resonates strongly among existing and new target customers in ways that might not have been the case without the monolithic brand approach.”

Leonard Kazmerski, Vice President Marketing and Business Development at HAECO Americas
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