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for KLOUD | Keppel Land

An aspirational brand takes shape for a hybrid workspace experience.

The rise of the gig economy has increased the demand for flexible office space. And a key trend in the category of collaborative workplaces is the blurring of boundaries as the domains of traditional serviced offices and co-working spaces converge.


Keppel Land required a brand for a hybrid serviced office and co-working space experience, one that could scale quickly across Asia into emerging and developing markets such as Myanmar and Vietnam and occupy a premium positioning. A pilot space was already in operation but this carried a generic name (Workspace) and lacked market profile. It was time for change.

The Challenges & Opportunities


How can a hybrid positioning be calibrated and communicated?


How does the nature of demand differ across the region?


How does the brand ‘speak’ both visually and verbally?

Our work involved profiling different types of demand for serviced offices and co-working spaces based on secondary research and in collaboration with the Keppel Land team. By articulating a range of needs and benefits, we helped prioritise the most relevant customer segments for the new hybrid proposition and focus the positioning of the brand.

We found that, compared to other co-working space and serviced office operators, Keppel Land’s distinct advantage was in being a landlord. This enabled the new proposition to accommodate a broader configuration of office space requirements: from a virtual office to hot desks to dedicated desks to a serviced office and then beyond to tenanted office space within the same building. This guarantees continuity for companies on a rapid growth trajectory and ensures flexibility for existing tenants with immediate and short-term space requirements.

Inspired by the ideas of flexibility and continuity, the new brand identity started to take shape. The cut-out typography style signalled the modular nature of office space solutions that could be configured in multiple ways.

Drawing inspiration from the idea of ‘corporate chic’ we crafted an aspirational personality for the KLOUD brand to elevate its appeal to a sophisticated audience of corporates, professionals and entrepreneurs. With early visibility of the interior design direction, we were able to ensure that the visual language of the brand integrated seamlessly with the physical space.

An extensive naming process for the new offer was facilitated from which the name ‘Kloud’ took shape. A new category descriptor of ‘serviced co-office’ was crafted, one that balances the hybrid proposition towards serviced office solutions. Our work on giving the brand a voice extended to the naming of zones within the space as well as a series of statements playing on the words ‘cloud’ and ‘crowd’.

The visual and verbal language of the brand was applied across a range of touch-points to illustrate the identity system. This new brand proposition is now set to rise above a congested market and scale smoothly across the region.

“I wish to thank the team at Sedgwick Richardson for journeying with us in creating the KLOUD brand. Their challenge was to position our new hybrid serviced office/co-working business in a crowded market-place. The team worked closely with us to define our core brand proposition, and thereafter to create the brand name and identity. I was impressed by the systematic and rigorous process applied, and especially the quality of the resulting recommendations.”

Albert Foo Cheur Wee, General Manager | Marketing Keppel Land

Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2017

Best Visual Identity in the Professional Services Sector – Gold
Best Use of Typography – Silver

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