Feeding & Connecting Asia

for SATS Investment Branding

SATS, Asia’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions, is investing in a smarter way of operating a labour-intensive, operationally complex business in an era of disruption and digitisation. By infusing technology into its operations, SATS empowers its people to create value for customers & partners and to deliver its brand promise of ‘Passion to Delight’. Our role was to develop an integrated investment branding solution for SATS that communicated its transformation story, signalled its future-ready capabilities and leveraged digital reporting opportunities.

The challenges and opportunities


Tell a story that reflects SATS’ purpose of feeding & connecting people, not about technology replacing relationships with robots.


Reflect technology and innovation not just for the sake of it, but for the benefit of customers, partners, employees and travellers.


Blend the hardware (technology, knowledge and productivity) with the software (people, experience, passion and service).

The investment brand theme of “Technology-driven, People-led” is about human-focused technology and innovation. Over and above productivity enhancements, the story needed to have a benefit that technology delivers to people.

Inspired by the metaphor of the left (rational) & right (emotional) brain, our conceptual approach fused two seemingly opposite or contrasting qualities to demonstrate how SATS seamlessly harnesses technology and automation for the benefit of people. The visual language focuses on the combination of two elements into a whole and the theme and messaging approach also builds on this concept of duality.


We brought this concept into the digital space, developing an interactive responsive annual report microsite for SATS. Specific emphasis was placed on the homepage to bring the duality concept to life, with the creation of an interactive slider and animated theme content triggered on scroll.

The inner pages followed a more structured approach with the integration of subtle animated elements to enhance the user journey such as, interactive maps and people sections, animated graphs and figures, and downloadable content.

As part of the microsite we developed and filmed a five minute Chairman and PCEO Statement video enabling SATS to connect on a more personal level with its audience. The process involved, art direction, script writing and visualising key statistics and statements, in the form of animated infographics, to enhance and bring the online statement to life for use on the microsite and across other digital collaterals.

Watch the full statement video


We worked closely with the SATS team to plan the structure and flow of both the responsive microsite and statement video, whilst also ensuring brand and messaging consistency across the developed digital and print collaterals.

In an era of recognised disruptive digitisation SATS was able to strengthen its future ready approach through the active implementation of this year’s responsive microsite, which formed part of a larger integrated investment branding solution.


The solution still incorporated a printed report and the cover mechanism of a folded flap helped to communicate the concept of technology-driven, people-led. The transformation was further enhanced at the SATS Annual General Meeting where exhibition panels from the Technology Innovation Centre launch event (TechnIC@SATS) were displayed for investors to understand the investments SATS has made in technology.

“The agency understood the SATS investment brand narrative right from the start. They captured our story and applied it consistently across key touch-points, helping us raise the bar through an interactive digital report with video and animated content. The team also worked with us to make our AGM experience more engaging to investors.”

Carolyn Khiu, Vice President, Public Affairs & Branding, SATS Ltd
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