Sustaining an Investment Brand Story

for StarHub

Over a continuous four year period Sedgwick Richardson has helped build a consistent investment brand narrative for StarHub.

From The Hub of Ingenuity StarHub’s brand of creativity and imagination inspires customers with bright ideas and empowers them with intuitive services. The busines strategy was focusing on corporate customers with intelligent and innovative solutions and StarHub’s performance in this professional segment needed to be reflected through the content design.

A series of thematic spreads were created that linked the ingenuity message to a customer experience of StarHub and performance metrics for each of the four lines of business: mobile, pay tv, broadband, fixed-line. Photography was planned, co-ordinated and art directed and a striking cover image confidently signalled the ‘Ingenious Hubbing’ theme.

The narrative extended to the many lives of hubbing where the duality of StarHub customers’ lives was reflected in the convergence of work and lifestyle needs. This emerged through thematic spreads, again linked to the lines of business and also in the senior management spread with the leadership team photographed in both their professional and sporting attire. The flap on the cover also revealed the different roles in people’s lives empowered by hubbing and a vertical tabbing system was introduced for the first time to aid navigation and accessibility.

Infinite Hubbing took this investment brand narrative to further heights with an infinite symbol on the cover and a story around limitless possibilities StarHub brings to consumers’ lives. Industry trends were introduced to position StarHub as a future-focused brand and content on value creation was also included under Economic Performance. As a signal of appreciation to the many talented employees who helped bring our story to life visually, there was a feature on the inside back cover that credited them in a personal way.

With the sector experiencing increased competition through the entry of a fourth telco, the business strategy at StarHub shifted to focus on customer service. This was to help attract and retain customers in the face of anticipated higher switching between service providers. The StarHub investment story shifted to a joined-up one of ‘Hubbing at Your Service’ signalling change and a combined customer and employee journey: from Inspiring to Involving to Engaging to Securing to Delighting.

The content page was more engaging through an introductory magazine-style layout. Sustainability content was also brought to life through data visualisation and iconography. Information graphics helped tell the story of how StarHub is responding to customer needs and enhancing the customer experience. We brought the management team back to floor literally for an engaging photoshoot, one that would demonstrate their sincere commitment to customer service.


Singapore Design Award 2016 – Platinum
Arc International Award 2015 – Bronze
Arc International Award 2014 – Silver

“The Sedgwick Richardson team has worked on crafting StarHub’s investment brand story over the last four consecutive years. They completely ‘get’ our brand personality and understand our value proposition to the investment community; which makes working with them a breeze.“

Eric Loh, AVP Investor Relations, StarHub
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