High-Tech, High-Touch

for TechnIC@SATS

Asia’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions, SATS, is the poster-boy for productivity in Singapore. To showcase its investments in technology & automation, SATS required a high profile launch event for their Technology Innovation Centre (TechnIC@SATS).

Our approach was to plan and structure the content in terms of an overall narrative around technology, innovation, productivity and empowering people. The content needed to demonstrate how technology and innovation can benefit SATS employees and customers and not simply replace jobs.



Humanise the technology and innovations by showcasing them in layman’s terms.


Demonstrate how people are empowered by and benefit from these innovations.


Design a modular system of interactive displays and graphic panels to inform, educate and inspire diverse audiences.

Working closely with the Technology and Public Affairs & Branding teams, we helped humanise the various technologies employed across SATS’ operations, explaining them in layman’s terms and also in terms of their benefit to employees. This helped provide a higher purpose for innovation beyond simply the technology itself.

SATS wanted to showcase the new technologies that are still being trialled in other areas of its operations. This meant that the physical displays needed to incorporate interaction areas, such as LCD televisions for videos, and also static information displays. We also created an animated infographic to help explain the benefits of the SATS SMART watch, which was used as part of a 5 minute SATS statement video.


Our approach to content strategy and development took its inspiration from the ‘Technology-driven, People-led” theme, which we were developing separately for the SATS investment brand. We also provided photography art direction to showcase SATS employees’ ability to control and harness the benefits of innovation.

Through illustrated line drawings, we brought each individual technology component to life, helping to better explain the technical functions and features.

We worked closely with the SATS Public Affairs & Branding team to help plan the journey through the physical space and to sequence the top-line messaging of each display into a seamless narrative.

The launch event was held at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Transit area and attended by VIP customers, regulators, business partners as well as senior Government officials.

Mainstream media coverage was generated (Business Times and Straits Times) to showcase SATS’ announcement of a multi-million dollar investment in technology and helped position the SATS brand as a champion of people-led technological innovations.

“TechnIC@SATS launch was a branding opportunity for SATS to showcase our innovation agility. The team from Sedgwick Richardson delivered an excellent job developing the exhibition panels. The lead-time for production was short, and different vendors provided the information required in piecemeal fashion, but the team was effective at managing the process.  They delivered technical information that was interesting, established a strong SATS identity and conveyed the right messages.  It certainly made work lighter for SATS when the agency is so intuitive about our needs they can move in tandem with us.”

Carolyn Khiu, Vice President, Public Affairs & Branding, SATS Ltd.
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