Taking a Stand

for The Mekong Club

The Mekong Club (TMC) is a leader—uniting and mobilising the private sector for a common cause—to disrupt and end modern slavery in Asia.

The Brief

Sedgwick Richardson was engaged to revamp the TMC corporate website to reflect a new brand positioning and showcase TMC’s commitment and expertise in addressing the issue of modern slavery through a business-to-business approach, moving away from being perceived as a typical NGO.

Brand Platform: Mobilising Businesses


The leading force in uniting and mobilising business to fight the business of slavery in Asia


Empowering businesses to create a slave-free world


End modern slavery in Asia

Mission statement

To reduce modern slavery in Asia by engaging, inspiring and supporting the private sector to lead in this fight

Research and stakeholder insights informed us that the website needed to communicate and focus on the successes of collaboration with business, with the key message of working together to end modern slavery front and centre, steering away from the ‘naming and shaming’ approach taken by other NGOs. Through distillation of the visual and written brand expression, we arrived at four key personality traits—passionate, impactful, communicative and collaborative—which we brought to life through the distinctive look and feel and ‘voice’ of the website.



Integrate with the new vision and brand strategy of The Mekong Club. Move away from being perceived as a typical NGO.


Tackle the problem of modern slavery. Be positive, focusing on success and progress rather than naming and shaming.


Showcase the team, board and association members, and working together to find solutions that make a difference.

The navigation is built on user journeys and ensures the website is easy to use.


While the previous design – with the use of strong images and colours – was perceived as intimidating and aggressive, the new look and feel has a calm, positive but serious tone. It speaks to business audiences and encourages collaboration.


Animation is used on the site to convey the idea of joining forces for a shared cause.

The website is fully responsive, ensuring content be seen across different devices and formats.


“We really appreciate the systematic, professional approach used by your team to design and operationalise our new website. The outcome is a functional tool that addresses all of our needs. The positive feedback from our partners has been significant. We are so happy with the outcome.”

Matt Friedman, CEO, The Mekong Club
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