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Dang Thi Nhu

Our favourite corner of District 1
10 June 2020 6 min read

Sedgwick Richardson’s story in Vietnam is told through the language of place branding, creative communities, quirky characters and crafted brand experiences.


Just off Rue Calmette and a few short steps from Le Loi is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s smallest streets: Dang Thi Nhu. This unassuming side street in District 1 is, however, rather big on meaning for our Ho Chi Minh team. It is here that the first chapter of Sedgwick Richardson’s story in Vietnam opens.

Dang Thi Nhu is a street that happily hosts a diverse community of eclectic brand experiences. From the old-style (and rather sleepy) male barber shop Loc Duc, to many fleeting on-trend fashion boutiques, an artisanal coffee shop and a European gelato parlour serving exotic flavours like Pho ice cream, we knew instantly that Dang Thi Nhu was the perfect first home for our own brand of creativity in this vibrant little corner of the CBD.

We were instantly and completely captivated by the quirky character and street-smart style of our new neighbourhood. In fact, so much so, that we decided to bring Dang Thi Nhu to life through a brand identity and to give it a place brand story of its very own. So, we knocked on a few doors and asked our neighbours about their tales of why they too decided to call Dang Thi Nhu home.

It didn’t take our team very long to reach a brand positioning for Dang Thi Nhu. After all, we were always there, day in day out, experiencing the very soul of this street.

We then crafted an identity that had a distinctively creative and quirky character to reflect our favourite place brand.

Building on the brand positioning, we developed some simple brand messaging to tell its unique story.

Then we explored how we could connect this vibrant community with visitors through a digital brand experience: the concept for a branded community website with activities, events, special promotions and interesting content on the places, people and products of Dang Thi Nhu.

It soon turned out that our days at Dang Thi Nhu were numbered. But in a good way. With an increasing roster of local and international clients, branding projects in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and a rapidly expanding team, the time had come to find a new home. Looking forward to showing you around our new office in the coming weeks. 

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