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A New Future Beholds
7 July 2020 4 min read

As Singapore prepares to go to the polls this Friday, a sense of things being different this time round pervades the electorate. It is not just because campaigning in this election has been impacted by Covid-19 and the Phase 2 circuit breaker restrictions on holding political rallies. There is a sense that Singapore’s political landscape is shifting and evolving with its people’s future needs under the spotlight and the focus of debate.

Building on this positive sentiment for GE2020, Sedgwick Richardson takes a look at all eleven contesting parties in terms of how they promise to open the door to tomorrow and build belief in the future.

Disclaimer: Sedgwick Richardson is a creative agency without any affiliation to any political party. The archetypal brand characters depicted here are entirely fictional and do not reflect the political views of any individual or party. Politics is serious business. Vote responsibly.

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