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Thank you, Mother Earth
16 October 2020 10 min read

Well known for its abundance of colour, diversity of people, rich aromas, signature dishes and tropical agricultural landscapes, it’s no surprise that the countries of Asia fill many people’s bucket lists.

But perhaps one of the most unique qualities of Asia is the array of distinctive and flavoursome dishes borne from the myriad cuisines featuring signature ingredients from every host location.

With our own roots in Asia and proud of its diversity and cultural depth, we were inspired to apply our own branded magic to demonstrate that, when sustainable thinking is infused into brands, it can create real emotion, engagement and value.


A common theme that stands out across Asian cuisine is the variety of herbs, spices and natural ingredients used in local and famous dishes. Naturally, this sparked the idea behind the dawn of the brand that we call, Imajine.

Every country is known for certain signature ingredients, but with access to authentic versions of these ingredients being limited internationally, the team at Sedgwick Richardson were inspired to create a brand that could bring the flavours and magic of Asia to people across the world.

A solid foundation

Targeting at a niche audience segment comprising discerning westerners, chefs, aspiring gourmets, healthy lifestyle seekers and ethical consumers, the brand was defined to house carefully curated and sourced ingredients cultivated by local Asian people within a controlled supply chain. This formed the foundations in which to build a brand positioning: Asia’s finest natural ingredients for taste, health & beauty.


A variety of naming territories were explored, stemming from the characteristics; creative, artisanal, mystical and passionate. Imajine, with a ‘j’, was chosen as it sparks a sense of curiosity, alludes to something mystical, implies limitless creativity whilst being easy to pronounce.


The identity takes on a modern, quirky and clean design approach, using geometric shapes above the “i” to create a subtle layer of meaning and hint back to the conical shaped hats of farmers in Asia.

Tagline: Create your own magic

The tagline “Create your own magic” encapsulates those who are passionate about cooking, creating and experimenting, experienced chefs and aspiring gourmets who see cooking as an art form, and those who are constantly exploring new flavours and scents from around the world to inspire their personal, unique creations within the food, health and beauty space.

Imajine products equip people with the ability to create their own magic, from the comfort of their own homes. With the words ‘your own’ being important as they reinforce the personal touch.

Asia Reimagined

Reimagining a brand that goes beyond simply consumer goods. Thoughtfully crafted to reflect a strong Asian heritage and to inspire people around the world to create their own magic, the brand idea goes beyond your typical approach to conceptualising consumer goods. Unique asian art, warm cultures and vibrant festivals associated with Asian locations formed the inspiration for this concept.


Taking inspiration from the vibrancy of Asia, the warmth of its people and the beauty of landscapes, a travel style of photography was defined. The intention, to capture the authenticity of the people behind the flavours and to give consumers a window into where the products have been sourced and are typically enjoyed. A style that can be contributed by consumers and people around the world.

Design System

The visual system is inspired by a diverse array of colour blocking systems to categorise ingredients according to their native country of origin. Ingredient differentiation is defined by a minimalist landscape illustrative approach, inspired by locations within each country.

The varying packaging forms were carefully selected with sustainability in mind. The scalable brand identity system is dynamically implemented across a range of packaging forms for the different types of ingredients.

Extending the brand into the skincare category

We saw from the outset an opportunity to scale the brand into other categories such as skincare. The intention was to create a brand that could travel beyond the kitchen and be used for different purposes, in this case, skincare. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of Asia, we created a soft watercolour treatment designed to encapsulate a raw, clean and fresh feel whilst ensuring a link back to the master brand.

From consumer goods to a lifestyle and cultural brand

Imajine has longevity and is much more than a consumer goods brand. The inspiration behind Imajine allows it to easily come to life across merchandise such as candles, art pieces, t-shirts and many more, offering consumers the tools to live the Imajine lifestyle.

Cohesive online and offline brand communication

The brand visual language and tone of voice was further defined across social channels and physical touchpoints. With an on-brand movement #ImajinNATION being created to encourage audience participation and recognition for Asia, its beautiful places, wonderful people and authentic ingredients.

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