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Sedgwick Richardson tells SATS investment brand story through digital

24 September 2019 3 min read

Asia’s leading Food Solutions and Gateway Services company SATS, has unveiled its interactive digital annual report.

Branding and design consultancy firm, Sedgwick Richardson, who worked closely with SATS for this initiative, believes that the digital annual report is not new by any standards, but it is underutilised.

With the power of digital, companies like SATS are now more equipped than ever to adapt to the changing needs of their investors. The SATS digital annual report allows the brand to present a shared identity of its people and showcase internal culture.

The SATS interactive report is a great example of how people can connect with the commercial and financial narrative of a sustainable business strategy, effectively enhancing SATS’ employer brand as well as its investment brand

Dominic Mason
Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Adding insightful context to the numbers and incorporating non-financial data in intelligently designed reports enables organisations like SATS to communicate its unique brand story to its wide spectrum of stakeholders — not just the company’s history, but also where the business is heading in the future.

For an organisation as big and diverse as SATS, these are helpful to readers as it gives a clear sense of the purpose of the company.

Packed with interactivity, the SATS digital annual report presents many different ways to explore data and information, from real stories about the people of SATS, interviews, summaries and of course, the requisite financial and shareholder statements.

While there is no abundance in one hundred percent environmentally friendly business models, digital annual reports push brands closer to the clean and green model. Thus, helping businesses like SATS to reduce cost in the traditional paper and ink formats produced in bulk.

At a glance, top highlights from the digital annual report released by SATS included its deep commitment to its people, the healthy growth of its divisions, and lastly, new investments in both Food Solutions and Gateway Services businesses to drive its next level of expansion.

To view the SATS digital annual report, click here:

Dominic Mason
Managing Director, Southeast Asia
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