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Transforming Becamex

Transforming Becamex into Vietnam’s most inspiring brand leader
17 March 2022 7 min read

Vietnam remains one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent success stories in terms of economic development and progress. Widely lauded for its handling of Covid-19, Vietnam’s growth trajectory is likely to regain its upward momentum as the pandemic recedes. 

It is a market that is starting to embrace strategic branding for sustainable success. One example of a brand set to transform Vietnam’s economic infrastructure is Becamex. They are a leading industrial and real estate developer in Vietnam. 

We speak with the Sedgwick Richardson team in Southeast Asia that was tasked with delivering this transformative branding solution.

Q: What makes Asia, especially the Vietnamese market, different from other regions?

Societies in this part of the world are about to rise from relative poverty to become strong, well-funded and discerning consumers. To succeed in Asian markets like Vietnam, it is important to not only understand the peculiarities of emerging markets, but also to have a good sense of its local culture and traditions.

Q: How did SR establish a progressive international positioning for a ‘traditional’ homegrown brand like Becamex?

Becamex required an in-depth and comprehensive engagement to identify best branding practices and establish a future-proof brand strategy for the business. Based on the insights identified in the research and interview with the Becamex Chairman, a spectrum of brand hypotheses was created.

This spectrum reflected the different degrees of transformation from the existing situation to future scenarios for the Becamex brand. They were explored and debated in a brand workshop with the client project team. The final output of this exercise helped Becamex define its strategy in signalling a brand that has a wider spectrum of businesses and goes beyond industrial development.

Q: Is there a specific DNA that appeals to the local Vietnamese market?

Leveraging our Group’s state-of-the-art expertise and combining this with our local culture knowledge, what we found is that brands that appeal to the increasingly affluent group of Vietnamese customers are committed to delivering excellence and premium quality. This also extends into things like sophistication and style. Over the years, we witnessed how the local audience and its appetite for brands evolved into a hybrid of traditional and modern influence.

Looking at the work that we delivered for Becamex, the inspiration came from the symbolic meaning of an apex and an urban city skyline – this brand identity signals leadership in the industrial and urban real estate development sphere. A forward arrow between letter E and X creates a sense of progress and future momentum. This is a solid brand identity solution that reflects the international, modern and smart transformation of the new Becamex brand.

Becamex partnering with Sedgwick Richardson

Q: What is at the core of the Becamex brand programme?

This programme revolved around the idea of ‘transformation’.

Becamex is one of the leading players in the development of Vietnam’s industrial economic infrastructure. While respected locally for transforming the Binh Duong province into an economic hub of entrepreneurship, the Becamex brand name is not widely known and is in fact commonly confused with the local Binh Duong football team which the company sponsors.

As Vietnam continues to rise and progress, the opportunity emerged to position Becamex as a modern and international corporate brand at the forefront of Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 and a creator of Smart City infrastructure and solutions. Our team at Sedgwick Richardson recognised that Becamex required a strategic branding solution that will help transform the Becamex brand.

Q: How did Becamex ‘transform’ over the years?

Founded and established in 1976, Becamex Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is one of the largest property and real estate companies in Vietnam, focusing on developing industrial, residential, urban and transportation infrastructure. With over three decades of experience in industrial and urban infrastructure development, Becamex has achieved tremendous accomplishments in Binh Duong.

Becamex recognised the success of these models and decided to replicate the work across the country, making significant contributions to the socio-economic development of other provinces.

Becamex’s projects are mostly integrated townships and industrial parks associated with trade and services, social housing and are surrounded by high-quality transportation as well as healthcare and education ecosystems to meet the needs of all walks of life.

Q: How did this branding programme help communicate the ‘transformation’ of the Becamex brand?

Becamex is a brand that is highly committed to developing Vietnamese communities that thrive and succeed. This wasn’t clearly communicated in its previous brand identity and messaging. Our role at Sedgwick Richardson was to ensure that the brand purpose and commitment of Becamex is clearly reflected through multiple brand ‘identifiers’ living across online and offline environments.

Following brand strategy and design work, a brand identity system with strong visual language was adapted consistently onto a series of brand applications. We also developed a brand management tool that explains how the Becamex brand works and helps ensure the brand stays consistent across all touch-points.

Finally, an immersion session has also been conducted in Becamex’s headquarter to introduce the new identity as well as inspire the Becamex team with the new brand, and to ensure that we help institutionalise the new Becamex brand across its most valuable brand ambassadors – its leaders, people and employees.

Recognising an inspiring brand leader

Q: Following the recent transformation of the brand, what’s next for Becamex?

Recently, Becamex ranked first in the list of Top 10 prestigious Industrial Real Estate Companies by Vietnam Report and its media partner.

The recognition reflects the incessant efforts of Becamex in the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affects all industrial park and real estate development.

Despite the challenging situation we all are facing today, Becamex has achieved its business targets, allocated a significant amount of working budget and resources to support corporate social responsibility activities like resilience programmes for residents suffering natural disaster damages, care for heroic Vietnamese mothers, and house development for disadvantaged people. In addition, Becamex also demonstrates solidarity with the community by providing relief measures for tenants through reduction of management and housing fees.

Dominic Mason
Managing Director, Southeast Asia
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