Sustainability pioneers

Empowering people to Build Belief in the Future.

Sustainability pioneers 

Empowering people to Build Belief in the Future.

Pioneering sustainability communications in Asia—and beyond—we’ve worked with leaders across multiple industries to champion initiatives that engage and empower people; address waste, pollution and climate change; and promote responsible business evolutions.

We’ve joined the sustainability journeys of visionary organisations such as CLP, Cathay Pacific, Gammon Construction, Hong Kong Exchanges, Singapore Airlines, Banyan Tree and Techtronic Industries.

Time for change

Consumers, investors and employees are demanding change. It’s time for all businesses and brands to stand up and be counted. As well as being the right thing to do, maintaining positive values makes commercial sense.

We see four key challenges that governments, businesses and brands need to act on:

  • The climate crisis threatening the delicate balance of the ecosphere that supports all life.
  • Species extinction and habitat destruction diminishing the diversity we depend on.
  • Rapid urbanisation and population growth placing demands on both resources and communities.
  • The need to redefine work and economies in the face of accelerating automation, self-learning systems and intelligent software.

The significance for Asia

In facing the above challenges Asia finds itself on the front line.

  • Of the 26 cities in the ASEAN Smart Cities Network, 16 are on coastlines and are vulnerable to rising sea levels due to the climate crisis.
  • Southeast Asia has the highest relative rate of deforestation of any major tropical region, and could lose three-quarters of its original forests and up to 42% of its biodiversity by 2100.
  • A more than 60 percent increase in the world’s urban population over the next three decades will occur in Asia, particularly in China and India, but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Across the region, AI and automation are forecast to eliminate more jobs than they create. This speed of change will impact culture and organisational structures.

How we’re making a difference

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

We support our clients to address the UN SDGs. Collectively, we contribute to UN SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities – aiming to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Pro bono work

We have a long track record of working with non-profit organisations. We supported The Mekong Club, a non-profit business organisation fighting slavery, in communicating its purpose and attracting support from major sponsors such as Google. In Vietnam we are working with Operation Smile to raise awareness of this international children’s medical service. We are also engaged with our communities in activities such as the SGX-sponsored Futsal competition.

Sustainability Branding

Sustainability is integral to business strategy. We see branding as a way to motivate and inspire. From defining a brand purpose and a strategic vision, to differentiating and engaging brand experiences, our work in this area is measured against key sustainability goals.

Sustainability is everybody’s business

Where does your brand stand on sustainability? How can you benefit from embracing sustainability as a business driver and communicating this through your brand?

How can we help?