Asian roots, global perspectives

for CLSA

A leading financial services provider, CLSA needed to refresh their stale digital platforms. We helped simplify and revamp their online identity, unifying their content approach across the corporate website and social media.

The Brief

In the financial services sector, recent years have seen a new focus on branding and marketing as means of differentiation. Digital channels have played a key role in this movement, helping brands forge closer connections with audiences and consumers.

CLSA knew that it was important to update their digital channels to better convey where the organisation is today: moving beyond a one dimensional perception as “Asia’s #1 broker” to become a truly global player offering insight, execution and access to capital to their clients.

The Challenges & Opportunities


Present CLSA in a singular voice

The previous CLSA website had been live since 2009, and CLSA’s social media activity was uneven across platforms. We saw an opportunity to tie these together more closely with the website, creating a consistent voice for the brand.


Listen to the CLSA community

Users told us that it was difficult to find and retrieve the information they needed due to a confusing design and information hierarchy. It was also a nightmare to browse the site from a mobile device.


Create a presence that serves the entire business

The old site underserved important parts of the business, both in terms of services and geographic regions. The new website had to reflect the entire scope of CLSA’s offering, representing the entire organisation.

Simplifying the message

We started by listening to both the old site’s users and stakeholders within the business in a series of interviews and surveys. This uncovered major issues with the old site, beyond the dated visuals to structural problems with how content was organised.

We distilled the message by focusing on a simple site structure built around the four pillars of insights, executional services, access to capital and global presence. Research told us that the most common reason visitors went to the site was to read CLSA’s research content, so we put idea-focused content front and centre.

Representing the entire business

The new site had to serve the entirety of CLSA. Working with our client, we represented the offering through the tagline “Insights. Execution. Capital”. We also added dedicated landing pages for the different geographic regions of the business to emphasise CLSA’s global footprint, and showcased the specifics of the offer in each market. By providing easy access to contact information, we encouraged visitors to take conversations to the next stage.

Evolving the brand identity across touchpoints

“Insights. Execution. Capital” had to live beyond the website, existing wherever people come into contact with the brand. Online, we rolled out this brand story both visually, and in the form of a dedicated content strategy tailored to each platform. And by designing the site with multiple devices in mind, we were able to deliver a great experience regardless of how the reader chose to engage.

CLSA already had a distinctive identity, built on quirky illustration and artwork that mirrors the differentiated way of thinking embedded into the organisation. We elected to weave this heritage into the new platforms, integrating the illustrative imagery into the site’s look and feel so that the brand speaks the same language wherever and however it is encountered.

The Performance

The resulting website and visual direction positions CLSA as a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial business, and provides a platform to further evolve the brand in future. Initial feedback since the launch in late August 2016 has been extremely positive.

Take a look at the live website at

“We’re absolutely delighted to launch the new It’s a tremendous leap forward for us as a brand.

Initial feedback since launch has been extremely encouraging, and working with Sedgwick Richardson was a truly collaborative endeavour, which shines through in the site.

They’ve helped us create a web experience that successfully showcases CLSA’s unique culture and expertise, and one that will provide an outstanding platform for the brand as it continues to evolve.”

Simone Wheeler, Head of Communications for CLSA
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