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Bringing brand dynamism to the future heart of a modern metropolis

Kerry Qianhai is a new and vibrant area at the heart of Shenzhen’s emerging CBD. Appointed to create the place brand for Qianhai Kerry Centre, we based the brand positioning on all the factors that make the place so unique, inspired by the symbolic Qianhai Rock.

Bringing brand dynamism to the future heart of a modern metropolis

Three pillars guided the design of the brand identity, fostering preferred behaviours and values within the Qianhai community.

Brand Pillars

Diversity represents the role of Shenzhen and Qianhai in attracting talent from across China and beyond to the opportunities provided by a free trade zone.

Nurture encourages growth within the area, particularly with regard to potential start-ups.

Nature reflects Kerry’s sustainability commitment, as demonstrated through the Qianhai park and seafront promenade.

Brand identity

The outer shape of the symbol is derived from symbolic Qianhai Rock which can be seen outside the Kerry Qianhai Centre, while the dynamic shapes and layers within represent the vibrant urban life, culture and diversity found within the community.

The selected typeface brings a strong visual rhythm to textual communications. The dynamic strokes and edgy design details complement the key visual identity elements to form a unified visual identity system.

Delivery & Result

Kerry Qianhai was successfully launched in October 2019, taking only five months to complete the project.

The new brand strategy and visual execution allow Kerry Qianhai to clearly articulate the brand’s values to the community, allowing them to better understand and embody those values.

This in turn will support the vibrant growth in the area of the brand and Qianhai as a whole.

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