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Harmonising a brand promise from the inside out.

Chinachem Group, a leading real estate developer in Hong Kong, has long upheld a brand purpose centred on “Always from the heart: Balancing of people, prosperity, and planet.” However, recognising a misalignment between this external promise and the existing Employer Value Proposition (EVP), Chinachem embarked on a strategic exercise to realign its internal branding efforts. SR was engaged to build a ‘Culture of Sustainability’ to drive change from the heart of the organisation across all levels and touchpoints to support Chinachem’s purpose.

The primary challenge was to bridge the gap between Chinachem’s outward-facing brand promise and its internal Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The objective was clear: to develop an inspiring EVP that resonated with the company’s holistic view of sustainability, thereby aligning internal and external branding in a manner that authentically reflected Chinachem’s ethos. Our remit included formulating the employer brand strategy, including programmes and employee benefits, which led to a truly differentiated employer value proposition that further strengthened Chinachem’s corporate culture.


Our comprehensive approach involved deep stakeholder engagement, ranging from new hires and recruiters to hiring managers and the entire C-suite. This was followed by detailed benchmarking and an audit to pinpoint gaps and opportunities in the employee journey and unearth opportunities for differentiation in attracting and retaining talent.

Additionally, we led a strategic co-creation workshop with leadership teams and the C-suite. This ensured their support and ownership of an enhanced strategy, including a new vision for the Chinachem culture, and programs and benefits that underpin the refreshed employer brand.

Refined Employer Value Proposition 

The outcome was a revitalised EVP: “Space to make a transformative impact, career, and life” which seamlessly integrates with Chinachem’s brand purpose. This EVP serves not just as a statement of intent but as a guiding principle that influences all internal policies, practices, and programmes, ensuring that the internal experience of employees mirrors the external brand promise.

Brand Pillars Reinforcement 

To bring the EVP to life and ensure alignment with the brand purpose, Chinachem established clear employer brand pillars that are reflective of its commitment to balancing the interests of people, prosperity, and planet: These pillars, built on the concepts of social progress, partnership with employees, empowerment, and motivation, were all closely tied back to the EVP by articulating them in terms of Space—to transform and make positive impact in each of these domains.

In recognising an EVP is more than big words and images, we ensured that each pillar is championed by clear programmes and benefits designed to provide the proof points to the EVP.


Transforming company culture to support an evolved employer brand often fails when limited to basic marketing tactics. At SR, we integrate sustainability into the employer brand, advocating a shift from seeing employees as instruments to builders and leaders of change.

True transformation requires a balance between inspiration from leadership, strategy, culture, and communications, and concrete proof through processes, programs, and workplace experiences. A Culture of Sustainability is central to this, balancing individual, business and societal needs, and our work with Chinachem exemplifies this.

The redefined EVP, enhanced by programs and inspiring creative communications, bridges the gap between the purpose and proving it to create a unified employer brand experience. Employees have become brand ambassadors—reinforcing Chinachem’s position as an employer of choice and a leader in sustainable development.

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