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Future-Ready Hydration

Transport & Logistics

Simply pure drinking water in a smart packaging solution

Faced with the European Union’s ban on single-use plastics, the aviation industry is seeking alternative in-flight catering solutions for flights to the EU’s member countries. SATS’ Food division tasked our team with developing a sustainable packaging roadmap for Blu, a bottled water brand supplied to its aviation and, potentially, to other institutional and commercial customers.

Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2020
Best Use of Packaging – Gold
Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2020
Best Visual Identity from the FMCG sector – Gold
An evolving journey

While the first stage of this journey was evolutionary, the final destination involved crafting a premium brand, enhancing airline passengers’ in-flight experience, delivering on SATS’ sustainable business strategy and elevating the appeal to end consumers.

Safe & smart

Ensuring that the Blu values aligned with the SATS sustainability pillars: Sustainable Nutrition, Treasuring Resources & Connecting People, the first stage of the roadmap revitalised the Blu branding with a new identity including a new structural packaging design. The opportunity was to depart from round bottles which are not only inconvenient to transport and store, but are a potential hazard on-board aircraft when dropped on the cabin floor. A smart design solution took flight in a rectangular format, one that was practical, safer, more cost effective and which also had heightened brand appeal.

Pure & healthy

Focused on the single-minded proposition that Blu water is pure—its distribution is carefully handled by SATS in ensuring the contents are kept in the right condition to guarantee purity of taste–the brand’s clean, sophisticated and bold visual language deserved alternative packaging formats that are on-brand and en-route to a sustainable future.

A sustainable destination

Retaining the same rectangular bottle structure, a Tetra Pak concept was created for a series of Blu SKUs based on paperboard, a recyclable raw material made from wood. And Blu’s ultimate end-destination was conceptualised in terms of light-weight aluminium packaging, infinitely recyclable, conveniently durable and stylishly desirable. Designed not for waste, but with taste, the purity and beauty of Blu’s future packaging design promises a product brand to be retained rather than recycled.

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