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Always be Ahead

Kuala Lumpur

A compelling narrative. A cohesive candidate experience.

Maxis is Malaysia’s pioneering telco and technology company and Malaysia’s top 10 most valuable brands. With the evolving change in employee and talent needs and expectations, SR was commissioned to develop an employer branding & candidate experience strategy to help attract and retain young tech talent and to offer more women technology-related career opportunities.  

Our comprehensive approach involves stakeholder engagement, peer research and employee journey mapping to help develop the outcomes of a compelling employer brand narrative unifying around Maxis brand purpose and candidate experience strategy.

An engaging & inclusive BrandBridge workshop

For this employer branding challenge, it was critical to establish in-depth engagement with the Maxis team to uncover the key strengths of Maxis as an employer brand. SR designed a BrandBridge workshop hosting a diverse team from different functions and seniority levels to evaluate the existing candidate experience, identify key strengths and explore opportunities for improvement.

A compelling employer brand story

Embedding the ‘Always be Ahead’ brand purpose and employee value proposition, a narrative house was crafted to help convey the EVP cohesively with four key pillars—the Nation’s Pride, Technology, Talent & Their Careers, and Culture.


Compelling visual language

Supporting the Maxis employer brand verbal language, the visual expression was crafted with a set of visual templates developed to evoke a stronger sense of purpose and belonging while adhering to the Maxis brand visual language and guidelines. All of the deliverables are consolidated into a microsite serving both internal stakeholders (as online employer brand guidelines) and prospective talent as a source of inspirational materials to learn about Maxis’ culture.

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